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Message from Lama Geshe Tenzin Dhargye on the Coronavirus situation



Transcript of our revered Lama Geshe Tenzin Dhargye’s message to all our friends, to all TDC and Tibet Center members and supporters, and to all our sisters and brothers in the Dharma!

First, a heartfelt TASHI DELEK!

At this difficult time, when people from almost 200 countries are affected by the Corona Pandemic, at a time when an increasing number of people within Austria are infected with the virus every day. In other words, at an extremely problematic time, when our social interactions are limited and we cannot meet each other directly, I would like to address you. The Internet and the new media enable us to stay in touch and I would like to take this opportunity to address you all. I now imagine that we are really meeting face to face and that I am speaking directly to you.

Green Tara

We are in a time in which the future is uncertain. We cannot predict what tomorrow will bring, how the situation will develop. Many people have been infected and are ill, many more are certainly afraid. In such a time it is important to learn to deal with one’s own fear correctly and to remain calm. It is clear that we are impaired in the way we live and that the future is uncertain. However, we should know that feelings of fear and the thought patterns associated with them are an extra burden. A burden that we can let go, and this begins with the insight and realization that fear does not help us. But this does not mean that we should be careless. Caution and mindfulness are not the same as fear.

The Austrian government has published many clear guidelines and we should try to follow them as well as possible. These guidelines help us to protect ourselves and others so that the virus cannot spread any further. We might assist others during this time. In this case we should be especially careful to prevent further spread of the corona virus. This is very, very important right now.

In addition, we should not fall into states of fear, but understand and realize that fear does not help us in this situation. As Buddhists who have deep trust in the yidam-deities, we can recite mantras that have a positive effect on the situation.

I am thinking especially of the mantra of Jetsün Tara, which has the power to overcome diseases, negative forces, fear and so on.

Parnasabari – the leaf clad Tara


Then there is a special form of Tara, the leaf clad Tara. It is said that this meditational deity has the power to overcome or contain epidemics. Therefore, it is also very helpful to recite her mantra and make supplications to her.


It is also very good to recite the mantra of the Medicine Buddha many times. At present, almost 200,000 people have fallen ill with the corona virus, many of them have already recovered, others are in the process of healing. There are different prognoses of how many more people will get sick. We can pray to the Medicine Buddha that the epidemic will not spread any further, that all the sick may recover and so on. And then we can recite the Medicine Buddha mantra with these wishes and thoughts in our minds.

Medicine Buddha


Especially those of you who received the Yamantaka empowerment last year can do this practice and recite the various mantras of Yamantaka.


To the Buddhists among you who have experience with the practice of meditational deities: You can visualize how the meditational deities emit rays of light and streams of nectar that purify, heal and free you and all other sentient beings from fear and suffering.

We also have many supporters who are not Buddhists. I would like to suggest to you to see anxiety as an extra burden, to reflect on this and try to let it go. It is about recognizing the disadvantages of fear and then letting go of the fear. Many of you have learned to meditate and now is a good time to apply this knowledge. Try to prolong your practice sessions and deepen your power of mindfulness and vigilant introspection. Take this power with you into your everyday life: be mindful when you touch something and where you are and so on. Rely on carefulness, mindfulness and vigilant introspection, so you can protect yourself and others. Meditation and mindfulness in body, speech and mind are currently very important and a great support. Try to deepen your practice.

Those of you who have received teachings on emptiness can also meditate on emptiness. This meditation is also extremely helpful and supportive at this time.

Those of you who have studied Traditional Tibetan Medicine can draw on this knowledge. In general, it is important to strengthen our immune system. If we worry a lot, are afraid, get angry and so on, it has a negative effect on our immune system. It is therefore helpful to meditate to keep a strong and calm mind.

Those who have studied Buddhist psychology know how to reduce and transform negative emotions. If we manage to develop a strong and peaceful mind, this has a positive effect on us and our fellow human beings.

Dear ones, you are in my heart and I pray for your wellbeing every day as best I can. I know that His Holiness the Dalai Lama prays for all of us and I try to do the same. I pray as much as I can for all living beings and especially for our brothers and sisters in the Dharma and for all those who are connected with us.

Please take care of yourselves, stay healthy and have courage and confidence.

In deep connectedness,


Lama Geshe Tenzin Dhargye

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