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"The sage do not wash away sins with water, neither do they remove sentient beings‘ suffering with their hands; nor can they transfer their own realisations to others. They liberate beings by revealing the truth of suchness."

Lord Buddha

Klagenfurt, May 19 – awarding of diploma certificates to the first graduates of the diploma courses

H.H. Dalai Lama with governor Dörfler, rector Geshe Dhargye and representatives of Tibet Center's partner universities
His Holiness' speech in front of the graduates
"I promise to use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of society."
73 graduates had come with their relatives for this event
The ceremony was moderated by religious scholar Michael von Brück
Cultural exchange between Tibet and Carinthia

In the course of the 2-day Buddhist teachings, the diploma certificates were solemnly awarded to the “first generation” of graduates of the diploma courses of Tibet Center. Almost 80 persons out of over 100 have successfully completed their studies of “Buddhist philosophy”,  “Buddhist religion” and “Buddhist Science of Mind” as well as “Traditional Tibetan Medicine”. During the diploma awarding ceremony, His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasized Tibet Center’s important role to preserve and impart the precious Tibetan knowledge. In his speech he reminded the graduates of an international medical conference which was convened by a Tibetan emperor of the 8th century and where delegations from Tibet, China, India, Persia and Arabia participated to share knowledge and to learn from one another. Also today collaboration between modern sciences and traditional Tibetan medicine and Tibetan-Buddhist sciences should continue, His Holiness emphasized.  

His Holiness encouraged the representatives and graduates of “his” education institute – Tibet Center – to divide the more than 300 volumes of the Tibetan-Buddhist canon, the Kangyur and Tengyur, which are Buddhist scriptures that were originally translated from Sanskrit into Tibetan, into the following categories:
1.    Buddhist science,
2.    Buddhist philosophy,
3.    Buddhist religion.
The first two categories, Buddhist science and philosophy, would be interesting for researchers and scientists of today’s world, whereas the last category would only be relevant for Buddhists.

This ceremony was a dignified and solemn graduation of their intense and interesting study time at Tibet Center. The statement of Ms. P., a psychologist and graduate of the diploma course “Buddhist Science of Mind” holds true for many: “The solemn certificate awarding certainly was a unique and extremely beautiful graduation ceremony of the first diploma courses. But I also look forward to the next and I will certainly come to Knappenberg again next summer at the latest.”
And doctor S. said: “I experienced the last years as scientific and cultural dialogue – which has been the only one for me so far – and my patients, my family and I continue to benefit. I feel happy and honored to be among the first graduates.” Mr. B., a scientist, is convinced that “this institute with its highly qualified teachers will become an important center of knowledge sharing, practice and exchange with western science.”

Photos: Tibet Center / Tenzin Choejor

His Holiness congratulates the graduates .....

Group pictures: graduates of Indo-Tibetan sciences...
... and Traditional Tibetan Medicine

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