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"The sage do not wash away sins with water, neither do they remove sentient beings‘ suffering with their hands; nor can they transfer their own realisations to others. They liberate beings by revealing the truth of suchness."

Lord Buddha

Volunteers are welcome!

Tibet Center Institute is looking for dedicated and capable volunteers to assist in project-based and administrative work (assistance in general office and PR-work, design, translations, transcriptions, event organisation, new projects, etc.) for our office in Knappenberg, region of Hüttenberg, Carinthia, Austria.

Volunteers are key to making TCI’s regular activities and special events more successful. Without people giving their time freely Tibet Center Institute would function less effectively. We could provide accommodation for those volunteers who are willing to work at our office in Knappenberg and for those who come from abroad. Tibet Center Institute is a good place for those who want to experience Tibetan culture first-hand and to gain organizational experience in a non-profit organization in the course of an internship.

Furthermore it is possible to do volunteer work from home via telework for those who cannot stay in Knappenberg, Austria. Thank you for your interest and for reading this announcement. If you would like to join our volunteer team please send an e-mail
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